DGI Student Training Manuals


DGI Student Training Manuals

One Set of 5 DGI Student Training Manuals Can be Purchased through IGC at a cost of $350 a set.

Dog Grooming International Pty Ltd (DGI) is International Grooming Company’s (IGC) Educator Provider for the Assessment Only and Student Training Manuals. DGI training manuals are approved by an Industry Skills Council.

Dog Grooming International training manuals have been published for new and existing groomers to help them with the process of continuing learning.

A must to help in general running of your salon or to use as learning resources to gain recognition of your skill in a Industry certificate or Nationally recognized certificate.

The student training manuals are designed for every salon and mobile salons.

A set of student manuals include:

How you can use DGI student Training manuals

A set of DGI student training manuals can be in the workplace to help with the learning process for new groomers introduced into your salon.

They can help with the general running of your salon and improvement of your policies and animal care within your salon.