Level 1 Registration


Level 1 Registration for New and Existing Groomers

ACM30617 Certificate III in Pet Grooming

The ACM30617 Certificate III in Pet Grooming (Nationally Recognised Qualification) has been endorsed and is on our scope.

You can start your assessments now for this qualification today.

This is great news for new and existing groomers to get a Nationally Recognised Qualification for your skill.

For the Nationally Recognised Certificate ACM30617 Certificate III in Pet Grooming and Industry Recognised Certificate Level 1 “Entry Level into Professional Dog Grooming” is $880 plus DGI student training manuals if required at $350.

Check with Training Centre as they may provide the set of 5 DGI Student Training Manuals or a salon may share a set.

The Assessments can be paid for as separate Assessments or in full for $880 not including the manuals.

A certificate can not be provided until all payments are made and all assessments are completed to a competent level.

All Students must be aware that all Assessments must be completed with 12 months of enrollment. Failure to complete Assessments in this time period may result in certificates not being awarded.



One set of 5 DGI Student Manuals (Not Applicable if already purchased)


Written Online Assessments


Level 1 WHS


Level 1 Animal Care


Level 1 Wash Dry groom


Level 1 Client services




Level 1 Practical Assessments


Registration Fee for RTO


The Practical Assessments

Level 1 Practical assessments can be carried out within a training facility or workplace. Application will apply. Detailed evidence will need to be collected.

Part 1: WHS within the Grooming Industry

  1. Conduct a mock evacuation within your workplace.

Part 3: Wash Dry Groom and Clip.

  1. Perform canine handling on three separate occasions in the form of a role play.
  2. Perform pre-bath groom procedure and techniques.
  3. Perform a bathing and drying procedure and techniques.
  4. Perform post-bath groom procedure and techniques.
  5. Perform an industry standard breed group groom.
  6. Perform pre-bath clip procedure and techniques.
  7. Perform post-bath clip procedure and techniques.
  8. Perform Poodle points including feet and face.
  9. Perform a cross breed clip.

Part 4: Client Services within the Grooming Industry.

  1. Perform client services role play phone call.
  2. Perform client services role play face to face interaction.
  3. Complete a practical register sale of a product or service within the grooming salon on three separate occasions.
  4. Develop an “End of Day Balance Sheet” and complete a practical “End of Day Balance” on three separate occasions.

An IGC assessor has to conduct the assessments in a group or the trainer or Employer must collect evidence and observe the assessments. If an assessor is needed there will have to be a group of at least 5 students or an extra travel fee will be charged.

Please download and complete the Level 1 Registration Form.

Please download and complete the Confidentiality Agreement.