ACM40617 Certificate IV in Pet Styling


ACM40617 Certificate IV in Pet Styling

For groomers that have a competent skill level to complete Breed Standard Trims and Management.

This certificate is for groomers who are students at:

Destination Careers

This qualification allows for work in roles such as groomer and grooming salon manager.

Entry Requirements

Completion of ACM30617 Certificate III in Pet Grooming.

Expected Time to Complete

1 year.


This course develops the necessary skills and knowledge required to work as a pet groomer or salon manager.

Course Delivery

This qualification is delivered online and is an Assessment Only qualification.


One set of 5 DGI Student Manuals (Not applicable if already purchased) $350
Written Online Assessments
Level 2 WHS $150
Level 2 Animal Care and Stylist
Level 2 Grooming Industry Business Path

Level 2 Practical Assessments
WHS $50
Grooming Industry Business Path $50
Perform an industry standard clip or hand strip on a short legged Terrier $120
Perform an industry standard clip or hand strip on a long legged Terrier $120
Perform an industry standard clip and scissor on a non sporting or toy groups $120
Perform an industry standard clip or hand strip on a Gundog or Sporting Group $120
Final Registration Fee $300

Assessment Strategy

Assessment includes formative and summative evidence of skills and knowledge for the unit of competency.

This assessment strategy is competency based and aims to assess the participant's skills through the following:

  1. Practical demonstration of dog grooming and animal handling skills.
  2. Participation in various activities, role plays, presentations, demonstrations, scenarios, simulations and problem solving activities.
  3. Participation in questionnaires and exercises for each module (pre, mid, and post topic duration).

Practical Assessments

Level 2 practical assessments can be carried out within a training facility or workplace.

Application will apply.

Detailed evidence will need to be collected.

Successful completion of all online and practical assessments are required to receive the certificate.

Certificate or Statement of Attainment is issued by the Parramatta College (RTO ID 90276).

Units of Competency

This course includes the following Units of Competency.

ACMCAS306A Provide grooming services for companion animal comfort Core
ACMCAS307A Provide companion animal hydro-bathing services Core
ACMCAS401A Manage compliance in the companion animal industry Core
ACMCAS407A Provide professional companion animal grooming services Core
ACMCAS408A Manage the operation of a mobile hydro-bathing facility Elective
ACMGAS206A Provide basic first aid for animals Core
ACMGAS301A Maintain and monitor animal health and wellbeing Core
ACMGAS306A Assist with conditioning animals Elective
ACMGRM301A Perform dog grooms on different coat types Core
ACMGRM401A Carry out breed standard styling on Gun dog, Working dog and Hound dog breed groups Core
ACMGRM402A Carry out breed standard styling on Non-sporting and Toy dog breed groups Core
ACMGRM403A Carry out breed standard styling on Terrier and Utility dog groups Core
ACMGRM404A Provide creative styling for dogs Elective
ACMGRM405A Carry out styling on cats of different breed and coat type Elective
ACMSPE304A Provide basic care of dogs Elective
ACMSPE305A Provide basic care of domestic cats Elective
ACMSUS301A Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices Elective
ACMWHS401A Maintain workplace health and safety processes Core
BSBSMB403A Market the small business Elective
BSBSMB404A Undertake small business planning Elective
BSBSMB405B Monitor and manage small business operations Elective
BSBSMB407A Manage a small team Elective
SIRXINV005A Control inventory Elective
SITXCCS002A Provide quality customer service Elective
TAEDEL402A Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace Elective

Nationally Recognised Training